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performing chinese calligraphy on a different canvas.

Instead of inheriting this great culture just through regular teaching classes, Kapo chose an exceptional and unpredictable path – being a tattoo artist and started everything from scratch as an apprentice.


She would like to alter people’s perspectives towards Chinese calligraphy tattoo, not just within the city, Hong Kong, where she grew up, but also in the West.


‘It's more like a REALISM TATTOO to me. You can't just outline and color-pack the without understanding what is Chinese calligraphy and its compositions. 

Brushstrokes express the artist's voice with their strong personal accent,

yet they go harmoniously with body curves.’

- by Kapo


Kapo is currently traveling between Ho Chi Minh and Hong Kong,

providing Chinese calligraphy tattoo service.

She also works on commission tattoo design, exclusive to overseas clients.

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